Student Support Groups

MAKING FRIENDS GROUP:For students who have trouble making friends or find themselves being bullied by others. This group will help students learn the art of making friends.

BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM GROUP:For students who struggle with liking themselves. This group will help students find a new positive mind set, understand who they are, and appreciate what makes them special and likeable.

ANGER MANAGEMENT GROUP: For students who find that their anger gets them into trouble. This group helps students learn to identify what triggers their anger and how to control it.

GRIEF AND LOSS GROUP: For students who have lost a loved one to death or will lose someone to a terminal illness. This group helps students find a safe place to grieve and learn how to cope and move on.

FAMILY RELATIONS GROUP: For students struggling with the separation or divorce of their parents, or with living with a step-family. This group helps students learn to balance family needs, and get along better at home.

EATING AND NUTRITION: For students that find themselves struggling with food, nutrition, and body image. This group offers the latest research on staying healthy and fit, dispels the promises of fad diets, and offers information on the prevention of eating disorders.

MILITARY KIDS GROUP: For students who have a family member or friend serving in the military. This group allows students to share experiences, updates, stories, ask questions, find ways to cope, and support their loved ones.

OPEN TOPICS: For students who struggle day to day with issues of attendance, discipline, family disputes, and/or grades. Students discuss topics as they arise in their day to day life and practice finding healthy solutions.

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