Chromebook FAQs

Why is the district issuing Chromebooks to students?
To provide all students with an authentic learning experience that engages through technology integration. Students will learn how to communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve using relevant, project-based activities available anytime, anywhere.  
What are my responsibilities in terms of replacement of the Chromebook if it is damaged, lost or stolen?
QCSD will be responsible for the repair of the Chromebook for normal wear of the unit. If the Chromebook is neglectfully damaged, stolen, or lost, the student/parent/guardian is responsible for replacing the unit. The District provides an option for Accidental Damage Protection, which will cover any accidental, but not neglectful damages to the Chromebook.  The District regards the Chromebook as all other materials that are checked out of the student, ex: library materials, sports equipment, etc.
What is the replacement cost of the Chromebook and accessories?
Chromebook: $210 (prices subject to change)            
AC Charger: $20 (prices subject to change)
Replacement screen: $35 (prices subject to change)
How is the use of the Chromebook monitored?   
While using the Chromebook on our QCSD network, the District maintains CIPA compliance and filters all internet activity.  What activity is done on the Internet, on the QCSD network, there is a record of the use and activity.   The Chromebook is also filtered while at the students’ homes as well.
What if we don’t have WIFI at home?
Internet service can be provided through local providers.  Please stop at the main office for more information. 
What if a student forgets to charge the Chromebook?
There are power outlets in classrooms; however, it is important that students remember to charge their laptop every night. 
Will students keep the Chromebooks for the summer?
Chromebooks and all QCSD accessories will be returned during the final week of school so they can be checked for any service needs and prepared for use the following year.
What incidents (resulting in damage to the school Chromebook) are covered under the QCSD optional Accidental Damage Protection (please note this is optional and not all parents opted to pay for the ADP)?
Click here for more info regarding insurance coverage.

What should I do if my Chromebook gets damaged or stolen at school or at home?
Please report any kind of damage to your teacher or to the office as soon as possible. If your Chromebook is unsafe or unusable as a result of the damage, you will be able to borrow another district Chromebook until the necessary repairs are made to your assigned Chromebook.  Failure to report damages will result in financial liability for the student. 

Am I required to take my Chromebook home every night?
Although there is no requirement to take your Chromebook home each night, you will find that most of your teachers will have assignments for you to complete at home that requires the use of a computer. You may certainly use your personal home computer to complete these assignments, but the district Chromebook that is assigned to you will have all of the necessary software already installed.

Does the district block access to inappropriate websites? 
Yes. Student Chromebooks will be configured to use the district web-filter both in the district and when connected to home or public WiFi. QCSD has installed blocking software designed to protect students from obscene material.
When off district grounds, the Chromebooks will be blocked from offensive material just like other computers on the QCSD network. Further, removal or tampering with the filtering settings will be a violation of district policy.

Will QCSD provide support and maintenance for the Chromebooks? 
Yes. The QCSD Technology Department will provide tech support and maintenance on school-issued student Chromebooks only.

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