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Welcome to the Quakertown Sixth Grade Center's website!  

The Sixth Grade Center (or “SGC”) is a unique school community that serves all sixth-grade students in the Quakertown Community School District.   The physical building was one of the first building projects of the newly formed school district in the mid-1960s and has served the district for more than 50 years as a junior high school, middle school, freshmen center, and sixth-grade center. The school underwent a major renovation and addition in 2005.

Our school, in many ways, is positioned as the "center" for our students and community. Geographically, we are situated in the center of the Quakertown Community School District, located on the corner of South 9th and Main Streets in the Borough of Quakertown.    

Chronologically, we are the center of our students’ experiences in public education.  The 13-year journey that begins on a colorful carpet in kindergarten and culminates on a stage in an arena finds its midpoint in sixth grade, with us, at the Sixth Grade Center and we work really hard to serve as the scaffold between the elementary and secondary school worlds.

Symbolically, our learning community is a central, unifying place for our students and their families.  Our motto could be E pluribus unum—“out of many, one,” because students and families leave five different elementary school communities and come together to form a single community of learners, a class, that will be together for the remainder of their school lives in Quakertown.

At the Sixth Grade Center, our motto is “Strong… Becoming Stronger,” which exemplifies our commitment to continued growth—socially, emotionally, and academically.  Our school is structured as a middle school with three interdisciplinary teams, a related arts team, and a student services/support team.  We have 60 faculty and staff members who serve approximately 380 students.  

We are very proud of our students and our learning community, where we work every day to be safe, responsible, respectful, and kind. 

Thank you for visiting our website!

Dr. Jenn Bubser, Principal
Mr. Zach Garger, Assistant Principal

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